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We are progressing toward making the space business a reality, with the hope that people will be able to enjoy space travel provided by ANA one day.


ANA was established in 1952 as the first Japanese commercial helicopter operator and started jet aircraft operations in 1964 (B727-100). In 1986 we expanded our business into international flights.


After expanding to destinations all over the world, the slogan “Next stop, space” was written on the back cover page of the ANA Long-Term Strategic Plan in 2015.


To make this a reality, the ANA Space Project was established in January 2018. Project members include various airline business specialists such as Pilots, Cabin Attendants, Maintenance mechanics, Flight Operations, Marketing, Purchasing and Business planning professionals.   

We are growing closer to “Shooting for the Stars” every day.


For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Satellite Data Application Business

Space-Based Doppler Wind Lidar

As part of the JAXA J-SPARC project, we are conducting co-creation activities on the feasibility of aircraft route optimization using Doppler wind lidar onboard satellites. 

Aircraft observation data

We are investigating the possibility of using airborne observation data as a complement to satellite data.
Conducting joint research with JAXA on remote observation of atmospheric components

(GOBLEU Project).

Space cargo transportation business

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

​Space Port Japan

A board member was dispatched to Space Port Japan to study the space port for Virgin Orbit's domestic operations.

Space Travel

PD Aerospace

We have invested in PD Aerospace, a spacecraft development venture company.

We are working together for the future operations.

CosmoSkin Project

"CosmoSkin," a joint project with POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC. is commenced in order to develop space cosmetics based on the concept of "Making space life beautiful and comfortable”.


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